Monday, April 25, 2016

What we have learned in Biology so far

What we have learned and done in biology is that we looked at onion cells and cheek cells under the microscope. When we did this activity we also reviewed all of the facts that we learned at the beginning of the year. We also reviewed microscope parts and how to safely use microscopes without hurting the equipment.
Another thing that we did in biology is a compelling question and debate about whether or not humans should live forever. We had watched part of a video about how scientists are making human organs that can live on their own. The video showed a heart pumping on it's own, and a pair of lungs that were breathing without a body.

We also did another activity called "Are You Ready to Save the world". This was a worksheet. In this worksheet we designed our own species, what they do, how they live, and where our species lives. We filled out that information on the front of the paper. On the back of the paper we drew our species of aliens doing all of the things that we described on the front of the paper. For example if our aliens haves spines we drew spines, or if they ate tacos we showed them eating tacos.

That is what we have done so far in biology. Thank you for reading this post. Please comment on this post.